A Professional Development seminar designed with grad students in mind!!!
ICN Professional Development Series BIOB 595 (1 credit-CRN #75365) our first seminar is on Sept 5th from 3:10-4:30
Please contact Dan Vanderpool with any questions: ddvanderpool@gmail.com

We had a great turn out to our Bozeman July ICN BBQ.  Thanks to all who attended! 

Our fall semester ICN meeting will be on October 24th from 3:10- 4:30 in DHC 023.

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network formed as a result of a collaborative effort between graduate students and faculty at The University of Montana (UM) in order to provide an instrument through which individuals in disparate fields of study and/or geographic locales can easily find opportunities to contribute to research on the same system or concept. We are fostering a professional network that we hope will enhance the diversity and scope of scientific investigations within and between Montana Universities.

September 26-28 will be our 2nd annual ICN retreat in Glacier National Park.

The Rapid-Fire Symposium is intended to connect undergraduate students interested in engaging in research and creative scholarship with potential graduate student mentors. See our Outreach page for more details.

Our next UM- ICN social (a Pie & Wine Party) will be September 19th from 5:30-9 pm at the Southside Lions Park. 


spectrUM Discovery Table

The ICN is partnering with the spectrUM Discover Center to help bring hands-on science to communities across Montana.

Want to get involved? Please contact: Kristen Crandell at kristen.crandell AT gmail DOT com

Website: http://spectrum.umt.edu/default.php

ICN Partners

  • Doug Brugger
  • Katey Driscoll
  • Kal Munis
  • Amanda DelVecchia
  • Frances (Franny) Gilman
  • Annie Cooper
  • Brett Addis
  • Chelsea McIver
  • Peter Ganzlin
  • Andrew Myers
  • Alexis Billings
  • Kris (Kristen) Crandell
  • James Van Leuven
  • Megan Nasto
  • Karolina Fierro
  • Andy Boyce
  • Sarah Castle
  • Peter Bordokoff
  • Patrick Hutchins
  • Jacob Lucero
  • William Smith
  • Dan Vanderpool
  • Ryan Bracewell
  • Mandy Slate

Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network (ICN) fosters a professional network that assists researchers in easily finding opportunities to collaborate on scientific investigations.

ICN Moto

We are bridging the gap between disciplines and forging a path through which integrated research will organically develop and prosper.